Featured Guests: Season 3

Each week, guests in some of the most interesting fields of work are interviewed -- hit the link to listen!

May 29, 2023: Rock Star (Berlin), Ric Olsen

May 22, 2023: Nashville Session Musician, Luis Espaillat

May 15, 2023: Rock Star (Tangier), Gary Nutt

May 8, 2023: Rock n Pod Interviews (III of III)

May 4, 2023: Attack/Guard Dog Trainer, Dj MacIntyre

May 1, 2023: Rock n Pod Interviews (II of III)

April 27, 2023: Drum Manufacturer, Billy Baker

April 24, 2023: Rock n Pod Interviews (I of III)

April 20, 2023: 21-Day Fast Expert, Jack Bergstrom

April 17, 2023: Rock Star (Minefield; The Brandon Fields Experience), Brandon Fields

April 13, 2023: Rock Star & Author, Sandy Gennaro

April 10, 2023: Rock Star (Janata), Mike Lustig

Climbing aboard the tour bus today is a musician from a band that shot out of the gate with so much potential--but then got dropped (unceremoniously) by their label (Polygram). Guitarist from the band, Janata, Mike Lustig joins the show! An amazingly interesting chat about the way the industry works, and how so many forces have to work together to make it big. Oh, not to mention: Janata played at Stevie Ray Vaughan's last show EVER. Listen in...

April 6, 2023: Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kevin Wisham

Joining us this week is high school and military Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kevin Wisham. Talk about an uplifting guest! When Kevin speaks, you can feel his passion and his integrity. He speaks to the job specifically, but also shares inspiration as he chats globally about the need for strength and conditioning. A great episode.

April 3, 2023: Rock Star (AntiSaint), Matthew Whiteman

Stepping aboard the tour bus this week is Matthew Whiteman, front man and lead vocalist for the band, AntiSaint. Matthew talks about the struggles in making it as an up-and-coming band, but also details the rewards of moving up each rung of the ladder. A fun guest and an articulate young man, Matthew is an easy hang. Check him out!

March 30, 2023: Rock Star (Lillian Axe), Steve Blaze

We feature a rock star on today's show (Steve Blaze from Lillian Axe)--but the conversation goes so much deeper than music or a new video release (both of which are happening). Steve and I philosophize a bit, discussing religion, fate, truth, and kindness. A whopper of an episode, and one of my favorites ever!

Climbing aboard the tour bus this week is Mike Conner, songwriter and guitar player for the band, Any Given Sin. Mike talks about the origin of the band, the path they found toward success, and their current tour with Saliva. He also talks a LOT about the state of the industry in 2023. A fantastic (and honest) discussion from a true insider.

Continuing our theme of local politics, we have Village Trustee, Brad Meyer stepping aboard the bus today. But brad is more than that--he was the subject of MANY stories from Season 1 of "The Commute". He was my partner in crime for some of the best and worst decisions I've ever made. But history like that cannot be taught--it has to be lived. Live this little piece of our lives today!

We've got a HUGE rock star on the show this week for Music Monday! From the platinum-selling band, Halestorm, lead guitarist Joe Hottinger steps aboard the tour bus! Joe talks about the band, their success, and the wild ride that he has been on. A low key guy gives an enormous interview--listen and learn how awesome of a guy he is.

Incredible guest this week! Coppersmith, Ernie Estes, climbs aboard the bus to talk about his career in copper rebuilding and restoration for high-end, old mansions. Ernie has the heart of a teacher as he walks listeners through some of the more complex talents and knowledge he has acquired over the years--as well as laughs through some stories of "things rich people do." This is the kind of guest I created the show to meet!

Another rock star climbs aboard the tour bus--from the band Autograph, Guitarist and lead singer, Simon Daniels is here! Simon talks about his musical history, going way back to how his father (a classical pianist) inadvertently influenced his son to go into rock and roll. Listen in as we have one of the most free-flowing, easy conversation of all the rock stars I have interviewed. A great guest with a great story!

This week, have I got a profession for YOU! remember the Professional Puppeteer, Ed May? For the past few years, he has made his living as a Professional Dungeon master for online gamers playing Dungeons & Dragons! Listen in as he talks about his role, the unique characteristics of the job, and the way he got into it in the first place. A walk down a lane I had never traversed--but super interesting!

Happy Music Monday! A real treat this week--Nashville-based guitarist, Tony Higbee climbs aboard the tour bus. He talks about his path through the music industry, winding up as the lead guitarist for Tom Keifer's (Cinderella) Band, and also recently adding duties for the band Brother Cane. A fun and candid guest with a solid resume of success in a tough industry!

We continue our look at the responsibilities (and importance) of local politicians today, as County register of Deeds, jan Davis, steps aboard the campaign bus to talk about her position. Anything but mundane, I found it fascinating to talk about the record keeping process--and just how important having a centralized point for real estate (and military records) is to life as a property owner!

Gregg Steele Heppner was the architect of much of how Sirius/XM operates today (from a programming standpoint). He was on the team that oversaw the merger between Sirius and XM, and then worked to form the channel line-up (and their content) in the aftermath. A fascinating conversation about a medium that has meant so much to so many people--this is a NOT MISS!

Respiratory Therapist, Mike Floros, climbs aboard the bus to talk about his job within a hospital setting. He takes care of children and infants who need help breathing--either because of an emergency situation, going in or out of surgery, or because they are struggling to get a good flow of oxygen. It was hard to listen without thinking about how it feels to NOT be able to breathe, but the information is fascinating!

This week, we have the lady responsible for operations on the weekend of a HUGE rock and roll event in Nashville--the Rock n Pod Expo, 2023. Tracy Mcandrew steps aboard the tour bus to discuss the enormity of the event this year...and what she does to contribute to the organization and success each year. Her job requires a tireless commitment to detail--a task for which she is well suited! Listen and WISH you were there! (spoiler alert...you CAN be!)

Professional Clogger (clog dancer), Mike Curtis joins the show! He talks describes what clogging is, and then goes through the amazing and wild ride his career has been on since his group, "All That! Clogging" appeared on America's Got Talent a record NINE times! Look them up on all social media platforms and enjoy the spectacle of their product! I promise you will NOT be disappointed! A fabulous guest who does something fabulously unique for a living!

Joining us today is Prog Rock wizard, Michael Sciotto (Migliori Amichi & Co). Their new album, "Best of Friends" is out and available for purchase or download. Michael is a fantastic guest, as we plumb the depths of music, musicianship, and his time with Jefferson Starship. These kinds of interviews make me wish for a 2-hour show, but catch him while you can--a thoroughly enjoyable, funny, and warm chat!

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Stepping aboard the tour bus today is Rock Star, Jason Bieler! He's got a new album coming out on March 17 ("Postcards from the Asylum"), but the pre-order porthole has just opened up on jasonbieler.bandcamp.com !! You can also check out his new single, Heathens. Jason is one of the wittiest, most fun interviews for any podcaster--and we are fortunate to be welcoming him for the THIRD time on "The Commute"!

This was a new one for me--a profession I didn't even know existed until the interview I had with Millwright, DJ MacIntyre. And oh, what an interview it was! Learn about one of the trades that subsumes all the other trades...or as I called it, the Eagle Scout of the blue collar world. A fascinating conversation...

On the tour bus for this Music Monday: rock star (Dokken; House of Lords), BJ Zampa! BJ talks about his lifelong interest in the drums, and how it has turned into a career he did not predict. We start out by talking about the album of heavy metal Disney songs he played on, and how it took the country by storm! **In my intro, I forgot to mention Def Leppard--but you'll understand once you listen.

Stepping aboard the bus today is Corporate Recruiter and Online coach, Cody Kelly! Cody discusses the launch of his new online coaching service, trying it in to his experience in life and in the world of recruiting employees for companies around the country. An interesting chat into what makes people change bad habits and replace them with healthier ones (both from a personal AND a career standpoint). And excellent interview!

Back to Music Monday this week--and with another great rock star from the host's misspent youth! Dr. Steve welcomes Carey Howe, guitarist from the band Leatherwolf (and currently, HailMary). Carey talks about the rise and fall of the bands most successful period, and then talks about the upcoming tour that will reunite the three front men--not performing as HailMary. Steve is in his element, asking all the questions he wishes he could have in 1987!

An AMAZING guest this week-- 35-year railroad veteran, Frank Javorsky joins the show! We do a deep dive into the rail industry, while also shedding light on the roles and responsibilities of each member of the train team. Frank discusses changes that corporate pressures have brought to the industry, and gives his thoughts on the future of rail transportation. Quite a guest...and quite a listen!

This week, fellow rock and roll podcaster, Michael Brandvold, joins me to talk a little shop. He hosts the enormously popular "Three Sides of the Coin" podcast about all things KISS, and has a ton of experience working with artists and management alike. A great guest and a great interview, Michael shares his thoughts on the industry, starting a show, and what makes for a good listener experience. I'm glad we met--give him a listen!

Stepping aboard the bus this week is a unique kind of plumber! Andy Brinkman, who works exclusively underground, joins us to talk about his work installing, repairing, and maintaining sewers under the City of Milwaukee, and also under various subdivisions and buildings in the Wisconsin suburbs. A job you'll never hear about anywhere else!

Dr. Steve sets the stage for 2023. No guest this week--but a quick list of upcoming guests and a few shout outs to friends we've made along the way. Not a recap, but a prognostication of exciting things to come!

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Climbing aboard the tour bus today is an up-and-comer: Dylan Jarvis! Dylan has amazing music to share and an amazing story to tell. Listen in and feel the emotion as he talks about the road he has walked to get to where he's at. I don't know that you'll hear another story like his--or be able to pair it with a guy who is so gracious and so talented. Visit his official website for more info: www.DylanJarvisOfficial.com

Stepping aboard the tour bus for the second time, Ron Young joins the show to talk about his new book, Judge This Book By Its Cover." He and I chat about the process, the book itself, and his amazing (both good AND bad) life. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, Ron has quite a story to tell. Listen along and go to Amazon.com to pick up YOUR copy!

Stepping aboard the blue collar bus this week is Oil Refinery Chief Operator, Jim Rinard! Jim talks about his duties at the Marathon Oil refinery, and then speaks more broadly about what a refinery does and how one works. And absolutely fascinating conversation about our nation's (our world's? circulatory system and blood supply (oil). I DARE you not to learn something from this episode!

To celebrate this season of giving thanks, I've put together a collection of the funniest (or just plain FUNNEST) moments from the 6+ years of doing the show. Thanks to my Patreon sponsors for your continued support--and thanks to everyone for listening!

This week, we've got a good one! An ichthyologist (a fish expert) steps aboard the bus to discuss fresh water fish and the overall health of our country's supply. Darrell Bernd has been doing this for over 35 years, and is a fantastic story-teller! Making science simple...that's what we do at The Commute!

Stepping aboard our safari bus this week is retired Game Warden, Ken Smith! Ken talks about his responsibilities and some of the day to day adventures of his career--and then gets into talking about some amazingly interesting facts about the animals many of us see every day...and not the big ones (ex: frogs, salamanders, birds). Really, really cool guest--who WILL be back!

The bus gets a little holier this week, as we welcome Methodist Pastor, Chris Thompson on board! Chris talks candidly about the path toward becoming a pastor, the responsibilities of the position, and the career arc for those who are "called" (which he also explains). An enlightening episode, and one that you will be glad you heard!

Joining us on the campaign bus today is County Commissioner, Kathie McClanahan! Kathie does an amazing job talking about how important local politics are to your town and your immediate well-being. She also details the inside story of campaigning, surviving the election, and taking office for the first time. Find out what these folks ACTUALLY do--and get involved!

Joining us today is Community Theater Director, Rick Welchans! Rick has a ton of experience with community theater for the past several decades--but more importantly, directed ME in The Headless Horseman of sleepy Hollow! Be sure to stream live on Saturday night, October 29, 2022 (6pm, CDT). It will be found on WQMV.com. For now, learn about the process of acquiring a script, managing auditions, and perfecting the performance!

Stepping aboard the tour bus for another dazzling Music Monday is Indie Recording artist, Kurt Wagner. Kurt's band, Lambchop, has been around for thirty years and has done extremely well in Europe. Listen as Kurt talks about their rise to European fame, how he has survived as a part of the Indie scene, and how proud he is of his new album, "The Bible." A fun, funny, and supremely talented guest!

Making his second appearance on the show, Candle maker, Pete Evick, climbs aboard the bus to bring a little elegance and a better overall smell to the joint! He talks about starting and running his successful company--but even more interesting is his knowledge of the candle making process. It's not as simple as you would believe! An episode that will have you in disbelief--and more impressed when you smell a candle scent wafting throughout your house...

He's knocked on the door of fame and success--but could never quite grab the brass ring. Rock Star, Rik Fox, joins us today to talk about his amazing career--and how he was SO close SO many times! With all he has done, he has a wealth of stories from the Sunset Strip era and the CBGB's era--and I am a sucker for these tales! Sit back and listen to how cruel of a mistress the music industry can be,,,

Are you ready if disaster strikes? Be it man-made or natural, bad things happen once in awhile. Suzanne Sherman joins the show this week to talk about preparedness training--the things you need to know when you have to take care of yourself. You can't always rely on others, and that's where simple survival techniques can be the difference between stressing out and feeling covered. A great show!

One of the strangest jobs we've ever had on the show steps aboard the bus! Marj Welchans, who spent two decades selling forklifts (of all sizes and custom shapes) joins the show to talk about the rock 'em sock 'em world of forklift sales! There are some interesting twists... and an intro that has me almost crying because I'm laughing so hard. This is an epic episode!

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Retired Park Ranger, Rick Welchans, joins the show this week to talk about his thirty years on the job on a wildlife management area in Illinois. An amazing conversation into what it takes to maintain and care for an enormous plot of land--and the associated wildlife and crowd of recreational visitors. What a show!

Making his second appearance on the show, Astrophysicist, Jonathan McDowell, climbs aboard the us and discussed all things related to outer space. During our 34-minute journey, we talk black holes, the Chandra x-ray telescope, the big bang, UFOs, and how Steve is in a category with Neil deGrasse Tyson. An funny and extremely informative guest, Jonathan breaks down complex concepts and makes them easy & relatable!

Stepping aboard the "smart kids" bus this week is Chemical Engineer, Stan Wilson! Stan talks about the primary function of chemical engineers, as well as some of the finer points of working with a dangerous chemical (listen to find out what it is!). He worked with that chemical for over 35 years, and is probably one of America's leading experts in it. A great episode with a guy who can really make his work relatable!

Stepping aboard the tour bus this week is Guitarist, Vocalist, song writer, producer, and all-around musical talent, Dan Tracey! Dan has been with The Alan parsons Project for a decade, and is here to promote the latest album with his side project, Save the World. He's got great stories and is a great interviewee. Listen in and enjoy the life and times of a true musical dude.

Stepping aboard the bus this week is a retired detective--who spent 16 years investigating sex crimes against children. A very dark world, Janette Gordon speaks to the mechanics of her job, the stresses and difficulties associated with it, and the resulting effects on her personally. Gotta issue a trigger warning to anyone who may be affected by this topic--we don't go full dark, but there is some evil that gets discussed.

Making his second appearance on the tour bus, Mick Sweda joins the show to promote his new project and album, The Hot Summers! Mick talks briefly about his departure from the Bulletboys, and then speaks to the origin and development of his new partnership with vocalist, Shane Tassart. Always an amicable and entertaining guest, Mick delivers a fantastic episode that FLIES by!

Music Monday is here! Stepping aboard the tour bus this week is bass player and songwriter from the band Spread eagle, Rob De Luca! Rob talks about the band's history, his career, and their newest album, Subway to the stars. He's a low key guy but the music is pure high octane! another great interview and entertaining show!

Retired beat cop and Police Sergeant, Pete Lynch, steps aboard the bus to talk about working as an officer on the North side of Long Island. Home to fabulous wealth and powerful people, it takes the right personality to survive. Great stories, insightful information, and a fabulous flow--this is an episode that will make you feel as if the time flew by!

This week, one of the most influential writers of the hard rock/heavy metal scene in the late 80s and early 90s joins the show! Janiss Garza steps aboard the bus to talk about her days as the music columnist for the LA Times, how she wrote for LA Weekly, edited RIP magazine, and how she eventually came to write the autobiography of legendary Motorhead bassist and singer, Lemmy Kilmister. Whew--WAY too much show for the show!!!

I am so excited this week! From the multi-multi platinum Disco group, The Village People, Felipe Rose (the Native American) joins the show to talk about the his memories of the group's early days. We also talk about his personal evolution as an entertainer and his current projects. Incredible guest; you'll laugh and cry as he details the rise and demise of one of the most iconic groups in the history of music. Fabulous episode!!!

With my 55th birthday coming this month, I thought it would be fun to go back five years and replay my 50th birthday spectacular! Keeping with the theme of aging, Mortician, Vanessa Bruns joins the episode to talk about the embalming and funeral business. REALLY interesting convo! A fun and informative hall-of-fame episode!

Joining the show this week is Respiratory Therapist/Rock Star, Mike Floros! He talks about his upcoming project (Love in Chains) and its upcoming album, Everyday Heroes. A great guy and a personal friend, this interview feels like two dudes sitting around talking music and the business end of the music industry. Join in and take part in the conversation.

Joining us from a remote locale, Josh Peterson steps aboard the medical bus to talk about being a paramedic for a rural EMS system/. He tells a few horror stories, but gives a brilliant insight into the field of ambulance services, and the special challenges of working in a rural (read: remote) part of the United States.

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Making his second appearance on the show, Rock 'n Pod Expo Creator and Organizer, Chris Czynszak, steps aboard the tour bus to talk about his upcoming event in July. For anyone even remotely interested in podcasts and podcasting, this is a must-attend event. We'll also talk about the ups and downs of long-term podcasting--a subject we both know quite a bit about. Book a vacation to Nashville in July--and come down to soak in the knowledge and fun!

Climbing aboard the borrowed bus today is Mortgage Lender (from www.GuaranteedRate.com), Andrew Chelton! Andrew talks about the mortgage industry from the perspective of an insider. Tips for first time home buyers as well as his outlook on the near and distant future with regard to interest rates and mortgage availability. A fantastic guest with some practical information for everyone living in reality!

From the National Hot Rod Association, Director of Public Relations, Jessica Hatcher joins the show! She talks about the role she plays as the head of PR, but also discusses the sport of drag racing itself. Some of her facts and figures will astound you, whether you are a fan of the sport or not. This two-pronged conversation goes by as fast as a nitro-fueled rocket car!