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Featured Guests

Each week, guests in some of the most interesting fields of work are interviewed -- hit the link to listen!

Clinical Hypnotist, Dr. Steven Davidson, steps aboard the bus to talk about his use of hypnosis in therapy. A deep dive (see what I did there?) into the mechanics, outcomes, and experience of hypnosis, told from the voice of a master. A great episode that teaches while it entertains--relax and enjoy!

A very interesting conversation this week--and one that affects all of you. Cell Phone Repair specialist, Jeremy Skrenes, steps aboard the bus to discuss what is possible and not possible as he performs his job. He talks about common issues, gives advice to people, and opens us up to the potential of making your broken phone work again. I loved this will too!

Another poopy episode! Ag Consultant and Small Farm Poop Distribution Expert, Nick Biondi, steps aboard the bus to talk about some of the regulations governing the production of your food. He is in charge of making sure the soil and water remain clean and sustainable. Another interesting delve into America's food chain!

An unbelievable "get" this week--former Vice President at the K-Mart Corporation, Walter Holbrook, steps aboard the bus to talk about his role as a corporate VP. We also enter a fascinating conversation about the amazing rise and fall of one of the biggest companies in U.S. history--the answer may not be as simple as you think!

Climbing aboard the tour bus this Music Monday is the incredible Pete Evick! Pete is the lead guitar player in the Bret Michaels Band, and also runs his own band, called Evick. He is on the show to promote his latest two singles, but he and I get into SO MUCH MORE! Great energy, great simpatico--this is one of my favorite rock star interviews ever. Listen in and let the current pull you along...

Stepping aboard the bus today is professional Writing Coach, Darren Kirby! Darren first helped me publish my professional book in 2012, and ten years later is helping authors at all levels achieve their dream of becoming published. He talks about his method and thoughts about remaining positive while helping authors overcome obstacles on their way to success!

Two rock stars indicated they wanted to be garbagemen when they were young--so this week, we've got a bona fide garbageman on the show! Scott Welch, curbside collector in Canada, steps aboard the bus (garbage truck?) to talk about his day-to-day job. It entails a bit more than you might have thought!

This week, we welcome a guy who does something I have been searching for... a Professional Sculptor steps aboard the artsy bus! James Kelsey talks about his job, making a decent living as a sculptor, and what goes on in the mind of a professional artist. A cool guy who does something cool for a living--this is the kind of episode that the show is all ABOUT!

Promoting an ALL FEMALE Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp (coming up May6-8, 2022), Britt Lightning joins the show! She is, of course, a rock star in her own right (from the band, Vixen), and talks about new music and a new album forthcoming. Hear her story, all about Vixen's latest project, and information about the upcoming fantasy Camp event right here!

Long Haul Trucker, Ollie Possum joins the show for the third time since 2019! This time, he addresses a crisis in our country: Not enough truckers. There are reasons behind this problem, and Possum is nice enough to pull the curtain back and explain what is happening on the inside of the industry. A fascinating episode from a beloved guest--learn about the what's what.

This week, we take a deep dive into the secret (not so secret?) world of The Freemasons. Mason member, Doug, steps aboard the secret bus to talk about his experience as a Mason, talk about some of the history of the Freemasons, and dispel some myths about the organization trying to take over the world. I learned a TON, as this is one of the most informative episodes ever!

An old college buddy has made a good career out of working in the financial sector--and now works as a financial strategist for Goodwill Industries. We have a frank talk about my college well as chatting about his work with Goodwill and some of the amazing things Goodwill does in the community. A fantastic guest (despite some wonky sound issues with the interview itself???), this is an episode I thoroughly enjoyed.

From the 80s band Keel, founder, guitarist, and lead singer, Ron Keel steps aboard the tour bus for another installment of Music Monday! We discuss his many (MANY) business ventures including a NEW ALBUM by The Ron keel Band, his radio station and show, his autobiography, and a movie he is starring in. too much to talk about in such a short time--but one of the nicest cats in the alley!

A hiccup in the schedule has led me to an amazing interview with Private Investigator, Mohammed Najar! The interview is from 2018, but the conversation between us is fantastic. I learned a LOT about what a P.I,. actually does--it goes so much farther than anything I saw on Magnum PI!

I have successfully negotiated for a Labour Union President to appear on the show! Steve Holland, President of CUPE Local 101, steps aboard the bus (for whom he negotiated better working conditions for the driver) and joins the show! Learn about unions, collective bargaining, and what a union president does from day to day. Super relevant, given the sate of Major League Baseball--but extremely interesting for anyone who has ever been an employee.

Firing up SEASON THREE!!! First up, we've got another rock star for you. From the band The Fifth, Roy Cathey brings his wit to the microphone. One of my favorite voices in all of music, Roy is among the elites when it comes to vocals. He talks. music as a career choice, having a day job, raising a family, and surviving in the crazy industry. A great guy with an amazing head of hair, I do my best not to fangirl throughout the interview!

The very first interview I did for Season 2 will also be featured in the very last episode of season 2. David Thornton, Broadway Actor, will be episode #338 today! Beginning next week, we kick off SEASON THREE! A great send-off and a great friend of the show, David will entertain and educate you!

Given all the bird-related issues I've been having on the ranch (some good, some not so good), I thought I'd dig up the interview I conducted with a bird expert. From the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Curator of Birds, Tim Snyder joins us. He talks about his job at the zoo, and tells some incredible bird stories. Listen and learn, just like you do every week on The Commute!

Father Mark Mannion joins the show to talk about the life of a Catholic priest. This was a really interesting chat for me back in 2017. I grew up Catholic--but really didn't know much about what it was like to be a priest. Fr. Mark is forthright and generous with his insights; a positive ambassador for Catholicism.

A call back to simpler times! From the Animal Planet hit show, Finding Bigfoot, co-host, Cliff Barackman joins the program to talk about sasquatch and life as a reality TV star. A great interview that almost didn't happen--listen to how the appearance came to be. Steve also shares his favorite "on the road" story--and it's a GOOD one!

Another great interview from the archives--Curator of the International Cryptozoology Museum (located in Portland, Maine), Laurent Coleman joins the show! The interview is from 2018, but he is as cool and informative as ever. Learn about the field, and hear about some of the evidence used to fortify the belief in such amazing creatures as Bigfoot, Nessie, and the elusive Chupacabra! Always an adventure!

Another recommendation from a listener--called back from April, 2019, we have the amazing story/interview of Dan Grote. Listen in as he talks about his life and the choices he made, leading to not one but TWO arrests for bank robbery. Rare insight to a nice guy making poor decisions...and what led him to the brink. We all wish Dan the best!

Back for a second showing, my 2017 interview with Astrophysicist,. Dr. Ilan Levine! Listen to his pursuit of dark matter--and check your ego at the door. You probably think you-re smart...but you won't feel that way after this episode!!! And if you'd like help self-publishing your book, I give a quick (HA!) run down of how to do that. All this and more...

From 2017, a guest who does something you may have thought went out of style in the Old West. Cattle Rancher, Cheyenne Smith talks about cattle, life on the range, cattle drives, and everything else involved with the care and feeding of a major source of food in the United States. In the wake of my book, An Industry Worth Fighting For, this is a timely and informative interview!

Another fantastic guest to pull back the curtain on a job you probably know very little about. A former Level 4 Maximum Security Prison Guard, Marty Smith, climbs aboard the bus to talk about what he did for a living. Not for the feint-hearted! Also--real time recording is back! Recorded January 17, 2022

With the rash of recent storms throughout the United States over the past month (or so), I thought I'd bring back an EXCELLENT interview with a professional storm chaser. Just like in the movie "Twister," Scott Landolt follows major thunderstorms in an effort to study tornados. A really cool, informative guest (and great sound quality!0.

We're adding a little class to this gin joint--Master Sommelier, Dustin Wilson, joins the show! He talks about what it takes to become a wine expert--and then levels up to discuss the rigorous training and examination to become one of the few (seriously) MASTER SOMMELIERS in the United States. This is a rare find--and a great guest!

For the big New Year's spectacular, I thought I'd play some of my favorite stories and bits from the early days of the show. Almost in real time, this was recorded at 7am CST on December 27--complete with Rattlesnake Ranch updates, plans for the future of the show, and a special cold open. All're sure to enjoy this one!

The Christmas show is here! Our 2021 version features out-takes from the 2016 Christmas show. Listener holidays stories, the original Christmas cold open, and a fantastic interview with a real Mall Santa! Get your ho-ho-ho on this week and snuggle down for a perfect episode.

Another amazing guest! Hugh Simpson teaches about the art and science (and business) of professional beekeeping. I was blown away as I learned more than I ever thought possible in a short interview. You'll love this guy, and benefit from his expertise. Sit back and ENJOY!

A fantastic episode from December, 2016...Olympic Bobsledder, Luke Demetre joins the show to talk about the sport in which he competed on behalf of his home country, Canada! Super interesting and informative regarding what it takes to make it to that level, and all about the mysterious sport of the bobsled! Also, a FULL update on all the projects completing last week on Rattlesnake Ranch. A huge episode!!!!

Another interview pulled from the archives! Public Defender, Melody Anchietta, joins the show to talk about her job. When you can't afford an attorney and one is provided for you, she is one of the lawyers who gets the call. Interesting guest and peek into our justice system! Also...Rattlesnake Ranch/frustration update, Mrs. Steve health update, and all the wit and charm you've come to wish was here!

We pull another fabulous episode from the archives and repackaged it with a current intro and outro. For Thanksgiving week, we go back to episode 56 (maybe Spring of 2017?) with Illinois K-9 Police Officer, Dan Strauch. He talks about the amazing journey to acquire a police dog, and all of the mind-blowing things they can do. Your jaw will drop! Plus...updates on Rattlesnake Ranch and Mrs. Steve's progress toward recovery.

Another great guest is pulled from the archives and re-packaged with a fresh intro and outro. This week, we dig back into Season ONE, as I welcome master Magician, Diamond Jim Tyler! All of his secrets shall be revealed! Well...not exactly--but this is still a fascinating interview!

November 8, 2021: NO SHOW!

For the first time in YEARS, there is no show to post this week. Renovations at Rattlesnake Ranch are in their home stretch, and Steve is splitting his limited time between his two jobs (shrink and author) and supervising THREE work crews on property. Never fear--we hope to bring you another great episode next Monday, November 15. Stay tuned!

A call back to Spring, 2019 with Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Jamie Coleman! One of my favorite all-time guests, she brings panache and personality along with an amazing depth of knowledge and experience. The reason I started this podcast, Dr. Coleman will teach you about a career you may not have ever known to exist!

This week, another musician steps aboard the bus -- BUT -- he is also a respiratory therapist! Mike Floros, from the band SteelCity joins us to talk about making it in today's music scene and the challenges faced by rock and roll bands. A fireside chat with an articulate guest will lay the groundwork for our next interview--which will detail his full-time gig! A great hang!

And older interview being brought for a second showing! Listen again to one of the most popular interviews of all time--retired FBI agent, Martha Heston!

From the 2021 Rock 'n Pod Expo, here is the final grouping of interviews! I conducted NINE rock star interviews that day, and bring you the last three. From Bang Tango, guitarist, Drew Fortier...the entire Roxy Blue bland (watch out for this one!)…and up and comer, Brandon Fields--from local Nashville-based band, Minefield. A perfect end to a fantastic day--join me for the fun and the energy!

From the other side of the world comes Yacht racer, Peter Miekle! He steps aboard our seafaring bus (???) to talk about the mechanics, strategy, and logistics of yacht racing. It is a fascinating conversation, but it turns even more amazing--as he tells a harrowing (but 100% true) tale that you have to hear to believe. You are going to be riveted to your phone for this me.

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From Los Angeles via New York, Vocal Coach and Instructor, Franky Dee steps aboard the bus to talk about giving lessons to aspiring singers/vocalists. His method--and indeed the method embraced by his occupation--may surprise you. Listen in and learn about what to expect if you take voice lessons...even though it is probably not what you think!

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Retirement planner, Eddie Scott, climbs aboard the Rolls-Royce(ish) bus to talk about a person's relationship with money. He discusses insurance options, stock portfolios, and pension funds. Mostly, he talks about PLANNING for the future in a way that will make your life easier when you get older. Life lessons for everyone, and only on THIS episode of The Commute!

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Stepping aboard the bus today is another member of the mega-band, Kix! Bob Pare, the temporary replacement for (former guest) Ronnie Younkins, joins us to talk about his life, his career, and the gratitude he has toward the band and the fans for making him feel welcomed and appreciated. A nice guy with a lot of talent, he has become a favorite friend of the show!

Master Arborist, Chris Diffley, joins the show to discuss his job taking care of trees. We chat about diseases, parasites, and the physics and geometry problems with taking down trees. Parts of his job will surprise you (assessing "value" of mature trees), some will entertain you (chronicling the life of a tree climber)...but you will love this episode!

The second installment from the grand Rock n Pod Expo in Nashville, TN! I interview metal producer (Alice in Chains, slayer, Korn, Tantric, among others), Toby Wright. Then Brandon Cool (Black n Blue) steps aboard the bus. Finally, I reunite with Native Sons front man, Ashton Blake--except this time, he brings the entire band with him! All kinds of improvisational fun with some killer rock stars!

From the year 1989 (1919?), a humble tour guide emerges from the corn and gets onto the bus of dreams... Craig Purcell, tour guide at THE Field of Dreams in Iowa, joins the show to talk about his experience leading tourists through the iconic farmhouse where the Kevin Costner movie was shot. A touching account of an emotional pilgrimage for many, Craig is the perfect man for the job!

The first of three shows that will feature interviews done at the 2021 Rock n Pod Expo! Today, I present Gregg Bissonette--David Lee Roth's drummer throughout his glory years. also, veteran rock band, Steelcity (one of my favorite interviews of the day) and newcomer, Abby K. Listen to what preparation on the fly sounds like, as I conducted NINE interviews that day! It was all good... I met new friends and showcased some really fine musicians. More to come in weeks to come!

Stepping aboard the bus today is the gal who designed the bus in the first place--graphic designer, Allyson Brooks! Al is the artist who created The Commute's logo, as well as the logos for all of my podcasts. She is also the copy editor and cover designer for all books published through JRNYman Publishing, and has been a good friend for years. Join us on a wild ride as we plumb the depths of her career--and learn what it takes to become good at art.

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Joining us this week is professional touring saxophonist, Chris Schaffner! we've has a lot of Music Monday guests over the years--but never a pro who plays a woodwind! Listen in and hear about his career and his goals. A FUN guest that'll have you laughing while you learn!

Super cool and interesting guest today—(Drinking Water) Treatment Plant Superintendent, Doug Kimbler joins us to talk about the secret world of delivering safe, clean water to homes across the country. His plant provides water to 130,000 families in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but the methods his team employs are utilized nation-wide. From everyday duties to crisis situations, Doug discussed the value of water, and the level of commitment he and his team hold to bringing their community the best water without interruption. A fascinating peek behind the curtain of an industry that affects us all!

Another great rocker steps aboard the bus—from the band Little Caesar, drummer Tom Morris joins the show to talk about his career, the band, and a lot of music info that can only come out in a long-format chat like ours. Always a great band, Little Caesar has spun off TWO great guests for the show!

Ms. Brenda and Kayla Chaney join the show today to talk about their 70-year-old Sugar Cane Syrup business. They’ve been planting, harvesting, and making the syrup by hand since before most of you were born—and will continue farming their land like this in the future. A special pair of ladies and a fantastic birthday episode for me—it was an honor and a treat to chat about their sweets! Come November, please support the Chaneys by ordering some Jack’s SugarCane Syrup!

On the tour bus this week comes a very special guest—Guitarist (and fellow Nashvillian), Jeremy Asbrock steps aboard! He goes through his personal KISStory, and talks about getting his dream gigs as the guitarist in Ace Frehley AND Gene Simmons’ touring bands! He has played with big names around the world, and his story as a rock and roll sideman will inspire aspiring musicians. A nice guy with a great reputation around town, you’re going to enjoy his interview!

Returning to the tractor-trailer bus (did that make sense???) comes over-the-road trucker, Ollie Possum! Possum is an old friend of the show and talks about his new rig, fields listener questions, and addresses something that has been irritating Dr. Steve for awhile. This interview brings out a softer side of the possum—and makes for one of the best guest episodes ever on “The Commute”!

A friend of the show, rock star, Joel Hoekstra, returns to the tour bus for his second appearance! We talk about Whitesnake, Trans Siberian Orchestra, a little bit about Cher, but mostly about Joel’s latest album with his project, Joel Hoekstra’s 13. Joel shows why he is heavily sought after as a podcast guest as he brings his sense of humor, level-headedness, and humility to the interview. A guy you’ve got to like, and one of the most talented and hardest working shredders in the industry.

A unique episode to say the least—from big time rock star (Junkyard) to big time television theme song writer (Craig Ferguson), musician Tim Mosher climbs aboard the bus! Tim cut his teeth on the Sunset Strip, but climbed the ladder of amazing success writing music for television shows. Hear about how that world works, and about how hard work plus good relationships paid off for Tim. Not for the faint-hearted, this business requires talent, dedication, and an almost unblemished track record. Quite a show!

After a long and exhaustive search, I finally got a record label executive on the show!! From High Volume Music (www dot highvolmusic dot com), home of former Commute guests Ashton Blake (Native Sons) and PJ Farley (Trixter), founder and CEO, Bill Chavis steps aboard the tour bus! Learn about the world inside a record label—they have a business to run, and it is fascinating! A cool guy who is a true fan of music, Bill’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Founder, CEO, and hardest working man of the weekend—RockNPod Expo boss, Chris Czynszak, joins the show to talk about the event he has planned for 2021! Chris goes through the origin story of the expo, including the breaks he got and the hard work he did. Today, his expo is quite an extravaganza, bringing together rock stars and podcasters for a weekend of debauchery (and good content!). Super cool guy, and great spokesperson for an amazing event!

One of the biggest (and most likeable) rock stars to ever step aboard the tour bus is on the show for the Fourth of July episode! Paul Taylor, from the band Winger, makes an appearance to talk about Winger—but even more so, all of the unbelievable (seriously) things he has done OUTSIDE of that band. Hear some stories that will bowl you over as Paul recounts tales from his years in the industry. He has never stopped working, and seems to know everyone in the biz…

Making his triumphant second appearance on the cattle carrier, Large Scale Dairy Farmer, Derrick Josi, joins the show to discuss cows, farming, horrible people on social media, death, and the amazing award he has just won! A lot of range today, but an extremely interesting conversation. 

From the band, Dangerous Toys, original member and guitar player, Scott Dalhover, steps aboard the tour bus! He speaks to longevity in the music industry, and talks about 30+ years as a member of the band. A great interview with one of my new favorite rock stars of all time, you are going to enjoy his humor and perspective. Another must listen episode!

The bus got about 78% smarter when this week’s guest (Biomedical Engineer, Tom Withrow) stepped aboard! Listen in as he goes through some of the amazing projects he has worked on—and the MIND BLOWING project he is currently working on! Living the life of a person who solves problems, Tom is constantly seeking out solutions to some of medicine’s and life’s most complex issues.

We’ve got ANOTHER bona fide rock star aboard the tour bus—Alex Grossi, lead guitarist for Quiet Riot! Alex joins us and talks about his career, including his secret for success in the music industry (hint: it’s not magic…). One of the most personable and funny rock stars performing today, Alex brings his ‘A Game’ to the show. You’ll become a fan when you hear him talk—I guarantee it!

Happy Father’s Day! In honor of the holiday on Sunday, “The Commute” is proud to present—MY DAD! This episode will answer the question most of you have been asking since the very first episode: “What HAPPENED to you???” Tom Olivas steps aboard the bus for a behind-the-scenes look at the guy who raised me in his image. We didn’t even get to his real career (accountant) because we got lost in a conversation about his music career. Take a spin through the Wayback Machine as we discuss the beginning of rock & roll, and Tom’s contribution to the annals of music!

Stepping aboard the tour bus this week is an up-and-comer, trying to make it in the music industry. From the band, Native Sons, Founder and Lead Singer, Ashton Blake, talks about life on the climb. He also shares a harrowing story of an event that almost knocked them out of existence—but his attitude, resilience, and never-say-die mantra kept him pushing through the adversity. Listen in and be impressed…one of the most polite rockers in history, he will immediately capture your heart!

From the HUGE-ly popular Discovery Channel show, BattleBots, Lead Engineer and Team HUGE founder, Jonathan Schultz, steps aboard the bus! Jonathan talks about the team, the robot, the show, and all about how he leapt from lowly mechanical engineering student to Reality Television Star in a few simple (NOT) steps! I cool guy with a smart sense of hunor, Jonathan is anything but what you’d expect an engineering nerd to be! Listen in—you’ll immediately like this kid, and root for his team! Support his efforts at: WWW dot hugebattlebots dot com!

We’ve got a guitar virtuoso on the tour bus! Juno Devere steps on board to talk about her life and development as an instrumental prodigy. I inadvertently said she was 20 years old, but she corrected me recently to say she was actually the grizzled old age of 23! From her early days as a competitive figure skater to her more recent obsession with shredders, Juno was unanimously accepted into the prestigious Berklee School of Music, and has excelled ever since. Catch her career on the upswing—her potential is ENORMOUS!

It’s about time that your host swivel around to the other side of the mic. Dr. Steve has the spotlight turned on him--as guest host, Justin Haase, interviews Steve about podcasting, public speaking, writing rock star books, being a psychologist, and doing play-by-play for professional and semi-professional sports in Nashville. The busiest guy in podcasting tells all in a well-structured interview—Justin might be in line to steal the show!

Rock Star, Mark Knight climbs aboard the tour bus! From founding the band Bang Tango, to touring behind one of the hottest albums on the Sunset Strip (“Psycho Café”), to losing it all…Mark talks about the wild ride that has been his career. He has fully recovered from the hair metal scene, and has just put out the third album with his new group, Mark Knight and The Unsung Heroes. Folksy Americana music, Mark speaks to writing from his heart. Visit him at www dot MarkKnightAndTheUnsungHeroes dot com.

Back for a second engagement! The Small-Town Pastor from way back in Season 1 of “The Commute”, Chris Linzey has moved on in his career to be a Military Chaplain! He’s a good friend to the show, and now he is a great guest for the second time. Listen in as he talks about what a Military Chaplain does, some of the highs and lows, and a few things that you will NEVER forget! This is why I started the show in 2016—to learn about interesting jobs like the one held by Chris…

From the band Danger Danger, lead singer, Ted Poley joins us on the tour bus! Ted takes us on a wild and woolly ride, as his energy for the love of rock and roll bursts from his seams! Buckle your seat belts (and affix a crash helmet to your head)—this one is going FAST! Really interesting intro this week as well…a great all-around show and listener experience.

From Guitar God Radio, one of the top internet radio stations in Canada, comes founder, GM, and program director, John Q Rock. Full disclosure: this is the station upon which I do my show, The Pantheon, every Sunday night. I learned a lot during this interview--what it takes to start, populate, and expand an internet radio station. It's a different world as broadcasting goes world-wide!

A huge get for the show—from SiriusXM’s Hair Nation and Ozzy’s Boneyard, DJ Keith Roth steps aboard the tour bus! He’s known for his storytelling, and he does just that! Listen in as he talks about his teenage years, his music, and his broadcasting career. He’s a guy who has played with everyone, so obviously an instant favorite of mine . Despite his career, he remains a cool, warm, and NICE person. Another great episode, compliments of a great guest…

On April 1, we had on a guy who deals with millions of gallons of pig poop & pee. That begs the question—don’t PEOPLE poop and pee, too??? The answer, I found out today, is YES!! So we’ve got a guy who deals with MILLIONS of gallons of human poop and pee every day. Wastewater Specialist, Robert Bates, is on the show! Learn all about what happens after you jiggle the magic silver handle…

From the rock band, Junkyard, singer and songwriter, David Roach, steps aboard the tour bus! David talks about the group's early succes in the late 80s, and then the struggle to keep a foothold since grunge changed the musical landscape. They're still out doing their thing, and David has no regrets. A fantastic and humble guest, you'll immediately like him.

Chemical/Polymer Engineer, Dr. Vijay Habbu joins us this week to blow our ever-loving minds! He discusses the manufacture and role of plastic in our world—and then details the international effort to recycle plastic waste. He has no political agenda or an axe to grind…rather, he is a scientist who understands the need for continued manufacture and ingenuity as we strive to make our planet inhabitable with humans who are happy and functional. Not an easy balance—but this episode sure is!

Record Producer, Ric Browde, steps out from behind the console to share stories of his many years in the music industry. From his beginnings with Ted Nugent, to being a part of launching the career of Poison, Ric has seen it all. He has also written a book that was adapted into a major movie--leading to even MORE interesting stories! There wasn't enough time to get to everything, but we covered a LOT of ground. Sit back and enjoy!

This week, we’ve got a guy who ALMOST made it onto the US Olympic Team—except his sport was eliminated from the 1996 games before the final team was announced. Tae Kwon Do athlete, David Lowery, talks about what he did to join the squad in training (at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado), what kind of regimen it took to be the best of the best, and how it was all stripped away in one heartbreaking decision by the IOC. Great guest with an amazing story to tell!

A rock star you’ll be glad to meet, steps aboard the bus this week. Georg Dolivo, from the band Rhino Bucket, shares with us his story of the band that never quite made it over the top. A seriously fun interview with a cool guest makes this an episode I am happy to air! You may have never heard of his band – or maybe heard of them, but don’t know much about them – and now you will! You’ll be glad you listened…

From FOX Sports Radio, Nationally Syndicated Sports Talk Show Host, Arnie Spanier, steps aboard the team bus to give us his perspective on the industry, his role (both locally and nationally), and the joys and sorrows of being a talk show host. Impervious to the criticism, he enjoys being able to plunge forward, pick a direction, AND STICK TO IT!

From the Atlanta Rhythm Section, comes lead singer, Rodney Justo onto the tour bus! "The Commute" continues to attract major rock stars, as Rodney not only talks about his time with ARS, but also recounts his growing up as a singer in the American rock scene in the mid-to-late 60s and early 70s. Stories of Roy Orbison, the Beatles, and the face of music are detailed by a guy who was at the epicenter! A must listen for every music fan out there - told by a talented storyteller! The bus rolls into the night, filled with musical nostalgia this episode...

I FINALLY got a dog trainer to climb aboard the bus!! Celebrity dog trainer, Mark Seibel, steps aboard to talk about everything you need to know about training your dog. An extremely informative episode, as we detail everything from tone of voice, to body posture, to the words (grunts?) you use. Spoiler alert: your dog’s demeanor might have more to do with YOU than with the dog! Listen and learn as Mark models the perfect approach to integrating a pooch into your home.

From Hollywood, California, comes the FOURTH appearance of consummate rock star, Ace Von Johnson (LA Guns; Neon Coven)!!! A friend of the show, he has been on the show more than anyone in history (nobody has even been on three times!). Ace talks about what he’s been up to music-wise, the state of the union in the music industry, voice over work he’s up to, and all things in the world according to Ace. Keep up with one f our favorites right here!

Founder and CEO of Monster Mini Golf, Christina Vitagliano steps aboard the corporate bus! She talks all things mini golf, and all things regarding drawing in and entertaining families. We branch into a great conversation about franchising, and what it takes to open and run a franchise of most any business. Way more to it than I thought—I’m sure YOU will learn a thing or two as well. Great, high achievement guest.

Welcome back to Music Monday!!! Stepping aboard the tour bus this week is a guy who’s done it all—founding member of Saigon Kick, member of Skid Row, documentarian, author, stand-up comic—and he posed for a Playgirl centerfold (yikes!). Welcome with me a guy who takes life by the horns—rock star, Phil Varone !!!

I swear this isn’t an April Fool’s joke—we have a pig poop expert climbing aboard the tractor today. Josh Peterson, a bona fide scientist will talk at length about a subject I’ll bet you’ve never talked at length about: How do we dispose of pig waste? Josh works for one of the biggest pork producers in America, and is in charge of dealing with the waste products (pee and poop, if you will). His job will fascinate you, as will the solution to a stinky problem. A RARE find, Josh is exactly why I love doing this show!

A HUGE rock star steps aboard the tour bus this week—John Corabi is here to talk about his days with The Scream and Motley Crue. He also candidly discusses frustrations in the music industry, and how his new album will be done completely independent of a record label. Lastly, we talk about his upcoming book project, and his quest to secure a publishing deal. A rock star like you’ve never heard, this is a frank conversation.

Click this text tFuel Cell Engineer, Holly Griffith, steps aboard the space ship to talk about her incredibly interesting career with NASA. She started as a mission control engineer with the space shuttle program, and now work to find the most efficient means of fueling future endeavors to space. She’s smart and fun—a great combination for a cool episode. Listen in and learn about the world of outer space exploration. 

Stepping onto the tour bus this week, another bona fide rock star! Paul Monroe, from the band, XYZ, has a great conversation about the ups and down of being in a rock and roll band when grunge was taking over. He discusses his current projects, a rather uncomfortable appearance on a cable TV game show, and gives a nice plug for his YouTube channel (check it out!). A guy I expected to be cool—but was even WAY cooler than that—you’re going to enjoy the breezy conversation.

Master Electrician, Phil Johnson, steps aboard the work bus to talk about his career and his job. Not to mention, we talk at good length about how electricity works in your home—and some things you DEFINITELY want to avoid if you are a DIY type. Phil was on a few months ago talking about his glory days at the X Games, riding Snowcross (professional snowmobile racing). Today he offers a whole different side of his career, and you will learn from his wisdom and experience. Really eloquent and relevant interview!

Another rock star climbs aboard the tour bus! From the band The Babys, front man, vocalist, and bass player, John Bisaha joins us to talk about his journey from being a child performer to catching on with one of the most storied rock groups ever! A great guy with a great sense of humor, John winds us through the tale with humility and camaraderie. He and his wife are a rock & roll power couple, and you will see why when you listen in!

We return to our Health & Wellness 2021 theme this week, as Chiropractor, Dr. Austin Davis steps aboard the bus! He is a great ambassador for Chiropractic wellness, as he teaches us a bit about the history, the process, and the way the practice can improve the overall quality of a person’s life! Whether you don’t care for chiropractic or you are a firm proponent, you will leave this interview with a better understanding of the science. Really strong guest—who encourages questions on his social media and email-- lifechirosf dot com is his website; LifeChiroSF at gmail dot com is his email!

Another veteran rock star climbs aboard the bus this week! Mark Bonilla, who has sent many years as the musical director for every Keith Emerson solo tour is here to talk about the Keith Emerson Tribute concert, being released on Blu-Ray and Double CD pack on March 11, 2021. He’ll talk about the project, talk about Keith, and talk about his long and storied career as one of the premier all-around musicians in the industry! To purchase the concert pack, go to CherryRed dot co dot uk

From the frozen tundra of Alaska comes the second appearance of Iditarod Musher, Meredith Mapes! A show favorite from 2020, she will be an annual guest to talk about the biggest dog sled race on Earth. She mushed last year, but didn’t make it to the finish line. Her tale of what happened on the course will have your chest tight and possibly lead to nightmares! Listen to her discuss her harrowing experience, and also describe some of the changes this year’s race has had to make due to COVID. One of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met, Meredith will steal the show!

A HEAVY hitter steps aboard the tour bus today – from Guns ‘n Roses to Metallica to Tesla to Cinderella (with Madonna and The Rolling Stones thrown in for good measure), Studio Mixer and Record Producer, Steve Thompson joins “The Commute” to talk about how he has created albums that have collectively sold over 350,000,000 copies!!! We only had him for 30 minutes, but he set it on fire! Listen as he shares his story, his philosophy, and talks a little insider info. If you are a fan of music, this will not only fascinate you with “how does it work?” but will also satisfy the need to understand the mind of a man who has managed the creative energy of hundreds of artists!

Climbing aboard the book mobile this week is successful (read: $ucce$$ful) self-published author, Lindsay Buroker! She is a well-known fantasy novelist, with over 75 titles in circulation. More importantly, she has solved the self-publication game--as more and more authors are turning away from traditional publishing houses. For most, they are weeded out by the grueling process of securing and then maintaining an audience. Listen in and learn from Lindsay’s experience and her good nature. A nearly unique accomplishment in the industry!

From the high-octane world of concert tours, Mr. Sullivan steps aboard the tour bus to talk about what he does as a booking agent. From first contact to follow through, he is responsible for booking and routing most of the hair metal bands still on the road today. They use him because he’s good at what he does—and you will benefit from his years of experience. Not for the faint-hearted, Sullivan packs a wallop!

This episode will horrify, disturb, haunt…and DELIGHT YOU! Hang on to your socks, kids—Andrew Stanton is climbing aboard the circus train and joining us to talk about his life and skill set. He swallows swords, impales his body, lifts things with his eye sockets, and does just about anything to shock and entertain. He’s made a career out of it, landing a major role in the Cirque du Soleil, and is currently a contestant on the TBS hit show, The Go Big Show! Check him out at www dot SwingshiftSideshow dot com.

This week, a guy from one of my favorite bands ever—WARRANT! Billy Morris joins the show, and talks a lot about replacing Joey Allen’s spot in the band. We also talk about TUFF, Jaime St. James, and TOTALLY geek out with an insider chat about names, bands, and albums. The hardcore fan will sink in, the casual fan will enjoy hearing the way a career is structures when you’re a replacement guy. He’s live from the great country of Cleveland—which is ALSO home of his rapidly growing BBQ food truck business!

The healthy living theme in 2021 continues—and this time with some helpful advice for YOU! Stroke Specialist, Dr. Kiersten Espaillat climbs aboard the bus to talk to us about all things stroke. What you should do (and what you SHOULDN’T do), symptoms you should watch for, and when it’s time to call the ambulance. Too, she discusses rehabilitation and the new advances in treatment for stroke victim. Time to snuggle up and put your learnin’ hat on—a powerhouse guest for “The Commute”!

We’ve got a bona fide legend on the tour bus today—Music Mondays has had its share of big names, but none more entrenched in the lexicon of world music than Oliver C. Brown! Listen in as he chronicles his journey from joining a fledgling KC and the Sunshine Band, to rising to fame, to walking away in the middle of five straight #1 singles. He landed on his feet—and has since played with some of the biggest names and on some of the biggest albums in history!

Superior Court Judge (California), Tim Fall, steps aboard the bus to talk about what it takes, what it’s like, and some stories from a day in the life of being a judge. Tim is also promoting his book, Running for Judge: Campaigning on the Trail of Despair, Deliverance, and Overwhelming Success (Resource Publications; 2020). A great guest with an easy delivery, Tim will pull the curtain back on a profession that rarely speaks publicly about what it’s like to be them. You’re going to enjoy this…

Another Music Monday and another HUGE star steps aboard the tour bus—from the band Skid Row, Bass Player, Rachel Bolan joins us! He talks about his early days in New Jersey, the forming of Skid Row, and how he got the idea to launch his own brand of soap (yes, bar soap). Lastly, he looks ahead to 2021 and talks about Skid’s Row’s upcoming plans…even though he doesn’t share EVERYTHING… Listen in and be amazed at how cool and down-to-earth he is! Catch the band at SkidRow dot com, and check out Rachel’s soap (Dirty Rocker Soap Company) at his website: DirtyRockerSoapCo dot com

Former NFL running back (7 seasons, 1 Pro-Bowl appearance), Dexter McCluster joins the show to talk about his new Personal Training business (McClusterFit)! As a part of our “Health & Wellness” series in 2021, personal training can be the starting point you need to get started on a better path for your long-term physical well-being. Dexter discusses his career, and how he started his workout regimen (and self-discipline) at age ten. One of the most consistently inspiring motivational, and positive/upbeat people I’ve ever been around, Dexter will make you smile—and make you want to get out and BURN!

Touring keyboard player and road manager for the band Vixen, Tyson Leslie, steps aboard the bus! One of the most versatile musicians in the industry, Tyson talks about keeping a steady stream of work during the pandemic. He also discusses Vixen, the job of tour manager, and tells a few stories from his decades on the road. A highly entertaining guest means another great episode for YOU!

Learn about a world you probably never knew existed! From humble beginnings in Northern Minnesota, to racing at the highest professional level for Team Skidoo – to representing the United States as one of the top 32 Snocross racers IN THE WORLD at the X Games two years in a row – Frmr. Professional Snowmobile Racer, Phil Johnson joins us!!! He’ll talk about the sport, the road to his success, corporate sponsorship, the X Games, and more!

From the band Vixen, bass player and virtuoso, Share Ross steps aboard the bus! She “shares” her story of growing up as a classically trained jazz musician, and how a fateful trip to the Caribbean convinced her to switch her career path to the draw of bright lights, big cities, and the lush allure of ROCK AND ROLL! A remarkable guest, Share is funny, poignant, and a great hang. Sit back and enjoy the show!

A great episode today! Learn all about the world of wound care from Wound Care Nurse Practitioner, Kara Couch! Kara will address the issues for folks with chronic ulcers and skin lesions, all the way down to the best way to treat cutting yourself in the garage. An amazing journey into a world you’ve probably not paid much attention to—but need to!

From one of the biggest shows on television, “The Voice,” season 19 contestant (knocked out in the battle round, November 16, 2020) Aaron Scott steps aboard the tour bus! An unbelievable insider conversation about how the show works, what is like to live through the experience, and how it affects the contestants on a personal level. I know you’ll be riveted to what he has to say because I certainly was!

Hard to believe we’ve never had anyone from the world of education on the show—but we do now! Middle School Principal, Mike Chapes, steps aboard our school bus and talks about his job. He is responsible for 700+ students and 60+ staff, so his day-to-day is never quite predictable. Hear about the joys and the strains of being the person on charge…some of it will surprise you. A great guest talking about a tough job.

Drummer, Sandy Gennaro steps aboard the bus today, and what an amazing guest he is! Not only has he played with the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, The Monkees, Pat Travers, Bo Diddly… (I could go on!—but he has entered a second career of motivational speaking. When you listen to the interview, you’ll understand why. He’s a man who makes everyone around him better, including me on this episode!!

It’s New Year’s Eve! We will ring out 2020 and ring in 2021 by starting with some good clean living! Health involves both mental and physical wellness, so Yoga Expert and Certified Trainer—as well as Certified Ayurveda Practitioner--Nikki Estes steps board the bus to teach us what yoga is all about…and also why it’s necessary as we try to remove stress from our body & mind. A wonderful ambassador for the practice, you can learn more about Nikki and her studio/practice, Santosha Yoga & Ayurveda, on her personal or the business’ Facebook page. You can also visit online at www dot SantosaYogaAyurveda dot com (you might just want to cut and paste).

When Trace Adkins needed a bass player, he looked to hire the best – and he got him! Berklee College of Music grad, and one of the best session musicians in Nashville, Luis Espaillat joins the show!!! Luis talks candidly about his experiences in the trenches in Nashville – a very difficult music market to break into. His successes and near misses are a good listen for anyone who wonders what it takes to make a living one song at a time. Fun guest who will be a friend of the show going forward, for sure!

The Christmas episode is (sort of?) here! Not a Christmas Extravaganza per se, but a solid guest nonetheless! From the Washington State Penal System, Prison Minister (Lutheran), Pastor Chris Ode steps aboard the Sleigh. Learn about the process of becoming and then working as a traditionally-placed Lutheran Minister, and then step behind the concrete walls and hear about tending to the incarcerated. Never a dull moment on “The Commute”!

One of the coolest cats in the rock and roll alley steps aboard the bus today to promote his new music—out JUST in time for Christmas! Consummate Rock Star, Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner) returns for his second appearance on the show. Last time was all about him, today we focused more on the album and the process of making a record during the pandemic. Check out his YouTube channel—hit the subscribe button and listen to all the great music he has to offer!

Master Plumber, Todd McCormick steps aboard the bus and talks about his trade—the good, the bad, and the tedious. Learn what it takes to become a Master, and about how the plumbing in your house actually works. His job is part labor and part artist, and he is a fantastic spokesman for the career. Listen through until the end—the salary he throws out for beginning Journeyman Plumbers will make your jaw drop. A career change might be in order for you after this episode…

From Trans Siberian Orchestra—and formerly from a little band called JOURNEY—comes Rock Star, Jeff Scott Soto. He also sings for Sons of Apollo, and has fronted or backed up a million bands since his inception with Yngwie Malmsteen in the 1980s. Jeff is s upper nice guy and is here to promote TSOs pay-per-view event on December 18th…which you can catch at TSOLivestream dot com. This was a huge interview for me personally; I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to tell 

The Commute” goes where it has never gone before—the trades! From a union shop in Minnesota comes welder, Susana Mendoza. A woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, she is knowledgeable, funny, articulate, and a great ambassador for blue collar work. Learn about words like MIG, TIG, and some word I can’t spell that means “impurities”. A fascinating episode that has opened the door for a new slew of potential guests!

From the band Kix: Guitarist, Ronnie Younkins joins the show—but more as a real person than a rock star today. He’s currently in a sober living facility after a number of relapses since 2010. You can hear in his voice, his thoughts, and his words how dreadful and life-altering the disease of addiction can be. Ronnie is busy getting help to regain and maintain sobriety, but wants every kid who thinks the rock and roll lifestyle is glamorous to listen carefully. It’s not all fun and games—there is a dark side that can pull you in and never let go. We wish Ronnie the best going forward…but this is an episode everyone needs to hear.

From the band Kobra and the Lotus, founder, singer, and social media guru, Kobra Paige steps aboard the tour bus! Not the usual episode—we delve deep into the world of social media, and how it can make or break a band—but more importantly, how it can make or break the developing identity of kids and teens. Dr. Steve gets to put his “shrink” hat on for real today, and he and Kobra have an amazing discussion about research she is doing, and the impact she’s trying to make!

From the band L.A. Guns, bassist Kelly Nickels steps aboard the bus! He talks of his days of yore with the music industry—but also details several brushes with death he has experienced in his life. His story is actually quite remarkable, and shows the resilience of a guy who enjoys every sip from the goblet of life. Check out all his music on LAGuns dot net.

The Thanksgiving episode is here! Originally from Kenya, my guest today will tell a story that will make you thankful for everything you’ve got—he came from very little, and has done all he can to make the most of opportunities presented to him. Now he’s giving back, and making the world a better place than when he found it. When you hear what he’s doing – and the impact it has – you’ll be moved. A really special episode.

A guy who is as funny as he is talented—and so doggone good looking*—Jason Bieler steps aboard the tour bus for a fun-filled Thanksgiving week episode of “The Commute”. We reminisce about his days in Saigon Kick and look forward to his new album coming out in January (you can listen to singles from the album on YouTube—follow his Facebook Page). Also, check him out online at www dot JasonBieler dot com. A great guy with an easy conversational style…one of my favorites to chat with.

*he made me write this

From (literally) Kabul, Afghanistan, rock star (The House of Lords; Giuffria), Lanny Cordola steps aboard the luv bus to talk about the humanitarian efforts he is doing to help young girls in the Middle East. Bringing hope and joy to a population that is traumatized, he is a true hero among us. Visit his charity at www dot miraculouslovekids dot org or check out his YouTube channel (Lanny Cordola).

This week on Music Monday, a guy whom many feel is a virtuoso, bass player, Billy Sheehan steps aboard the tour bus! He talks about his career, hitting the top of the charts, and about how he strives to constantly surround himself with the best musicians on the planet. A calming voice in the storm of rock and roll, you’ll immediately like Billy. He’s also a guy who doesn’t do a lot of press so a refreshing behind-the-scenes interview with one of the greats.

A Realtor buddy of mine, Greg Davis, stops by to chat about the job he does to facilitate the buying and selling of houses. From sizing up the client to assessing expectations to figuring out the financial end of things, Greg is a font of information. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the real estate game from a man who has been doing it professionally for over twenty years! An important episode for anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a house – EVER.

One of the greatest voices in my era steps aboard the bus today—from the bands Giuffria, House of Lords, Dirty White Boy, and lately several outstanding solo projects, David Glen Eisley joins us! He also played minor league baseball, so the stories are flying out of the ballpark Listen in as he talks about the amazing journey his musical life has taken, and about the unbelievable humanitarian project his friend, Lanny Cordolla, is doing in the Middle East. He has immediately become one of my favorite guests!

I never knew that building a guitar was so scientifically complex and yet beautifully artistic all at the same time! Master Guitar Builder, Gil Vasquez, steps aboard The Magic Bus and teaches us about the art and science of his craft. Over thirty years of experience – including studying under some of the great guitar builders in the world – makes him an expert in an industry I had no idea was so amazing. You’ll be wowed, confused, educated, and delighted all at the same time in this REALLY cool episode!

From jolly ol’ England comes one of the most infamous replacement singers in the annals of rock and roll – from the band “Iron Maiden”, Blaze Bayley steps aboard the tour bus! Blaze talks candidly about the fans’ reception of him when he took over for Bruce Dickinson, and goes on to detail his life since Iron Maiden. He’s had a long solo career, and has a new project (and lots of great merch) on his website, BlazeBayley dot net.

It’s the annual Halloween episode!!! Alright, maybe this guest isn’t QUITE Halloween, but she was nice enough to step in and pinch hit this year (I’ll explain in the episode)… Tattoo Artist extraordinaire, Karin Ackerman, steps aboard the spooky bus! She brings us deep into the world of high level tattoo art, but does it with the heart of a teacher. I learned a TON about a world I don’t know much about – and THAT is the true nature of this show. Grab a full-size candy bar and listen IF YOU DARE!!!!!

Singer, songwriter, and rock star, Damon Johnson climbs aboard the tour bus! From his debut on the music scene in the band Brother Cane, he went on to play with Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, and the Black Star Riders – and now he’s running his own record label and continuing to put out great music!! His latest single is on his YouTube channel (DamonJohnsonOfficial)… but his behind-the-scenes interview is right here! Listen to the story and thoughts of a guy who got famous during the era of grunge!

Mike Uzzell has been a car salesman, a dealership finance manager, and a car dealer sales manager in his career – and he’s stepping aboard the car hauler to talk about all of them! An industry many of us dread, but all of us deal with, this is a conversation that truly pulls the curtain back on one of the oldest professions in the book: horse trading! You’re going to enjoy this episode!

Another rock star climbs aboard the tour bus! One of the nicest guys in the industry, Brian “damage” Forsythe, takes time out of his day to talk about forming the band “Kix”, and then riding the wave of success as the band grew to finally recording a platinum album. But toward the end, he details one of the perils of the music industry: the financial crusher many artists get run through. Your jaw will drop in this funny, touching, and informative episode!

A guy who RARELY gives interviews, sat down with Dr. Steve for an episode of “The Commute”! David Fishof, Founder and CEO of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp talks about the early days of begging stars to appear – all the way up to today, as stars beat down his door to become a part of the camp experience! It’s virtual this year, but he talks through the logistics of 2020 online, and also in-person experiences that lie ahead. Also, he promotes the upcoming “Rock Camp” movie (Feb, 2021).

A H-U-G-E Rock Star steps aboard the Music Monday Tour Bus – David Ellefson, from the band Megadeth, joins us to talk about his current album (released October 2, 2020), and also the efforts he is making to stay afloat during the entertainment recession. You’ll be impressed by his intelligence and eye toward the future. Financial planning meets rock and roll!

We’ve finally got a high-level archer on the show! Former NCAA Division I Archer (Columbia University), Gillian Kemperer steps aboard the varsity bus to talk about the world of competitive archery. Step into the shoes of a gal who had to tense AND calm both her body and mind at the same time! You’ll learn about the equipment, the rules, the strategies, and anything else you never knew enough to ask! Incredible guest – this one is WELL worth the listen!!!

One of the biggest names to ever step aboard the tour bus – Mark Slaughter – brings his A-Game as we talk about his career, his charity (St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital), and his perspective on music, personalities, and life. A great guy and an incredible guest, Mark is a musician you can absolutely respect!

A real cowboy steps aboard the cattle hauler – World Championship Bull Rider, Josh Frost, talks about the world he lives in, and competes in. Learn all about bull riding… from the sport, to the strategy, to what it’s like from the point of view of the cowboy. Too, Josh competes as a “tie-down roper”, and will talk candidly about what THAT event is like! Unbelievable look into the mind and the career of a rodeo man, do not miss this opportunity to listen and learn!

Bernie Dresel, who was the drummer for the Brian Setzer Orchestra for 15 years, has played on scads of television and movie scores/soundtracks, and now runs his own band, The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel, steps aboard the tour bus to talk about his career, his latest album/CD, and crack wise with Steve! Settle in and listen to both the technical and the human side of his journey from growing up in a suburban Pittsburgh family, to becoming a Hollywood elite musician!

Scott Stewart, Former DSS agent and now corporate security expert, checks the bus for possible breeches in security this week. Plus, he talks about his time at the Diplomatic Security Service (providing security for U.S. consulates and embassies around the world—as well as protecting visiting dignitaries) and his role in high-level corporate security (think Ryan Reynolds in “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” …or Denzel Washington in “Man on Fire”). Really, really cool interview – lots of great info and an extremely articulate guest. Don’t miss this one!

From the rock band “Trixter”, Bassist PJ Farley steps aboard the tour bus and has a great conversation! He talks about gaining fame at a young age, enjoying the ride while it lasted, regrouping after grunge, and his solo career. Great insight into the music industry, and a good chance to get to know the man behind the music! His latest album drops on September 25, 2020. Preorder or order it (depending on when you listen!) on his label’s website: www dot HighVolMusic dot com !!!

The first episode of YEAR NUMBER FIVE of “The Commute” !!!!! Celebrate with an amazing guest: Kung Fu Master, Shifu Sam Persons. Shifu Persons steps aboard the mystical bus and tells about the history, and philosophy of Kung Fu, and then details the path toward earning the title of Shifu (“Master”). Unbelievable and downright fascinating. Plus—he throws in a few tidbits about mind over matter that will blow your MIND! What a way to being year 5… listen, and remember why you love the show!

From the middle of a concert audience comes an FOH guy!!! I know… not very descriptive if you don’t live in that world. That means “Front of House”, and Meaux Windhorst runs the soundboard for every Journey concert put on over the past six years (he did it for the band “Heart” for eight years prior to that). Learn about the job of the mixing engineer, as he is 100% responsible for the quality of sound you hear at his concerts. Fascinating “behind the scenes” look at another person who brings YOU the music you love!

I finally got a comic book writer! Jesse Snider has written for Marvel Comics (among others), and engages in a long conversation with Dr. Steve about the process of writing for a specific mythology. Whether it’s Star Trek/Star Wars, Super Heroes, or Disney Characters, each has a back-story and an arc. Unfortunately, he feels this art form is not being properly serviced these days – and his position is fascinating! Buckle in and listen as Jesse lays it all out, and discusses his experiences in the field!

He’s played with The Eagles… he’s recorded with Crosby, with Stills, AND with Nash… He’s been the drummer on albums by Mickey Thomas, Boz Skaggs, Dan Fogelberg… and he’s been Joe Walsh’s right-hand man for fifty years (literally!)… He’s JOE VITALE, and he’s on the bus with you today! And incredible guest, as we talk about his career, his family, and the state of the business end of the music industry today. Extremely knowledgeable and as down-to-earth as you can be, this is an episode you will never forget.

Commander of the second largest Cruise ship ON EARTH, The Harmony of the Seas (Royal Caribbean), Captain Johnny Faevelen climbs aboard and talks about his life as the guy in charge! From safety, to enjoyment, to getting a GIANT ship from here to there, he answers questions candidly, and with a warmth for the job that is hard to disguise. The perfect "Royal Caribbean Ambassador", you'll like Captain Johnny from the first word you hear!

Holy cow, what a GREAT guest! Cosmo Wilson takes his spot on the tour bus. He’s the Lighting Director for AC/DC and Aerosmith… Lighting Designer for Judas Priest and Whitesnake – and those are just his CURRENT gigs! He’s been around forever and worked lighting for some of the biggest concert tours over the past thirty years. His job will fascinate you—learn how concerts are put together behind the scenes, and how complex lights are when producing a show! Fantastic insight from a guy who has seen it all!

Retired Green Beret, now international security consultant, Lino Miani, steps aboard The Commute Humvee to talk about his career in Army Special Forces. We also talk about his book on international weapons smuggling in Southeast Asia, and his charity event coming up on August 29, 2020! CombatDiver dot org is the website to register for the virtual event. Great organization for a worthy cause. Lino is a guest who holds a golden ticket to return for a second episode in the near future…

From the bands Thin Lizzy and The Black Star Riders, front man, Ricky Warwick steps aboard the tour bus! A different interview of sorts, because we talk a lot about Rickey’s life-- growing up in Northern Ireland during a tumultuous time in that country’s history. Hear (of course) also about his industry successes and failures as we take another deep dive into a spectacular Music Monday episode!

Now that he's not traveling back and forth to China, Plastic Moldings Engineer and Tool and Die man, Todd Werginz joins the show to talk about the world of international manufacturing. Too, he's completed the patent process for an improvement on a specific handgun, and talks us through his experience in moving the patent from conception to "paper-in-hand". Finally, he talks about the NEED for workers in the trades, as his company can't find kids to hire. An overall fascinating guest, come on in and grab a window seat!

We’ve got a treat for you today! Climbing aboard the tour bus is long-time roadie, Bobby Schneck! He’s been the guitar tech on tour with too many bands to name, but a few of his artists have been Neal Schon (Journey), Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith), Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello, Johnny Lange, and WAY MANY more! Hear him talk about the role of the guitar tech, the upsides of the gig… and the downsides. A few decades of experience gives way to great stories and a sound perspective (pardon the pun!).

From the United Kingdom, Dr. Steve welcomes Chris Gee -- a Crime Scene Investigator, to the show!! Chris discusses the path to become a CSI Investigator, dispels a few myths propagated by the CSI television programs, and speaks to several AMAZING details that will blow your mind!!

From the band The BulletBoys, guitar player, songwriter, and all-around cool cat, Mick Sweda joins the show! Listen in as he discusses the band’s struggle for success, and then having it taken away as they were reaching their stride. A great interview with a guy who dishes the scoops we love to hear. Music insider info, the band’s own journey through the salad days, and then reuniting and keeping their traditions and their music alive!

Professional Rodeo Clown, “Rocket” Ryan Litwin, steps aboard the cattle hauler to talk about all things rodeo. We talk about the roles of different clowns on the arena floor, the perils of being a bull rider, the nature and behavior of bulls, the rodeo industry, breeding, and much, MUCH more! Absolutely fascinating journey through a sport most of us have seen, but very few understand. I promise you’ll be captivated through this entire episode!!!

A different breed of cat steps aboard the tour bus today -- Ace Trump, Founder and CEO of Siren Artist Management site down to talk about what a band's manager does, exactly. He details the details that his job oversees, as he takes care of everything from soup to nuts for an artist or band (label issues, tour booking, travel, personnel, etc.). Listen in as he tells gives fascinating stories and examples of why his position is critical to the health and growth of an artist/band!

One the winningest members of his sport, Professional Bowler, Chris Barnes joins the show to talk about the world of professional bowling. A fascinating look into a sport that all of us has played, but very few know about the upper echelons. Chris talks about his career, controlling his emotions, and aging & the later side of a glorious career. A fantastic episode that will TEACH you something!

A man who was part of the foundation that made me want to be a sportscaster, Dewayne Staats steps aboard the bus! He was the play-by-play guy for the Chicago Cubs when I was a much younger man, and I listened to him daily... He's been the Tampa Bay Rays announcer since the team was born in 1998. Now YOU can listen to him, as he talks about his career, his rise through the ranks, his charity work, and who his idols were. A truly special guest for me... which is why I'm making it my birthday episode!

Another fantastic medical specialist hops aboard the bus! Urologist, Dr. Ashley Winter, joins the show to talk about her job, her involvement with The Journal of Sexual Medicine, and her podcast, The Full Release. She's also done episodes of Dr. Drew Pinsky's podcast, and continues to entertain while she educates. She's a big deal, and we are lucky enough to have a chunk of her time! Listen in, and be grateful if you DON'T have to see her professionally!

Straight off his Harley comes biker and Rock Star, Ron Young! He talks candidly (CANDIDLY) about the music industry, being on the verge of success with his band, Little Caesar, and how he battled with Geffen Records. An insider speaks out--but maintains a ton of humor and intelligent wit that makes him one of my favorite rock star guests of all time!!

Of all the smart people who have stepped aboard “The Commute” space ship, there has never been one so intimately involved with a piece of world history. Aeronautical Engineer, Maynard Gee, is here to talk about his involvement with the Hubble Space Telescope, and other various points along his thirty-year career. A fascinating ride through the cool parts of space satellites (his specialty), with an added sprinkle of the journey to get to where he’s at. If you’re into space stuff, NASA,

Back on the tour bus, a huge name takes a seat toward the front... Bill Leverty!!! The guitarist and songwriter from the band Firehouse is here and chatting about the band, his new solo effort, and how the business of making music has changed over the past 20 years. Hear it from a guy who makes his living in this field, an overhaul in the industry is long overdue. Check him our and grab some good music at his website, www dot leverty dot com.

Labor & Delivery Anesthesiologist, Dr. Ron George, joins the show to talk about managing pain and discomfort during the stress of childbirth. He takes us behind-the-scenes, and talks us through some of the decisions he faces when he has a mother delivering either vaginally, or via C-Section. A fascinating addition to our medical episode library!

The biggest star to step aboard the Hollywood Tour Bus, Steve Schirripa joins us to chat about his career, The Sopranos (Bobby Baccalieri), Blue Bloods (Anthony Abetemarco), his childhood, and anything else we can think of. An interview to drop everything to hear, you will enjoy the honesty and humility of such a big star. Quite a moment for the show; join me and bask in it!

I got him! A guy I've been trying to get on the show for almost two years, Danny Vaughn, FINALLY steps aboard the tour bus--- and he DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! Fantastic conversation about his fantastic career and fantastic music (sorry... I'm getting all googly-eyed over here). Listen in as we chat like old friends about life, music, Tyketto, and his live event coming up the day this episode posts, July 2, 2020. Catch him at dannyvaughn dot com , and on Facebook: Danny Vaughn Myths Legends and Lies.

Founder of McAfee Antivirus software, and many other business ventures, John McAfee steps aboard the bus to impart a little wisdom. He is known for his antics around the world, but very firmly believes in letting go to achieve success. Listen in as he talks about cultures across the world, building a business, the advent of antivirus software, and his recipe for making it big in the world of business. A lot of ground covered--buckle up!

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A big time Movie Star steps into the rolling green room this week: Diane Franklin! Chatting a lot about her lead female role in the iconic 1985 film, "Better off Dead" (with co-star, John Cusack), she ting her career, her movies, her family, her books, and her current project (a book based upon -- are you sitting down?) -- Better off Dead!). Grab some popcorn and junior mints, this is going to be fun!

A veterinarian climbs aboard the ark! And not just ANY veterinarian – but one who not only deals heavily in exotic pets, but also one who practices both Eastern AND Western medicine with her patients. Dr. Jyl Rubin discusses her somewhat unorthodox career path, as she has built a thriving mobile and brick-and-mortar practice… but also hear about what it’s like to be a veterinarian. It may all seem like fun, helping sick animals – but there can be an immensely stressful side as well. Sit back, relax, and give your pet a hug as you listen to Dr. Jyl…

From the bands Waysted, Britny Fox, and Doro – a rock n roll drummer who has been around and seen it all! Sit back and enjoy getting to know the man, the gig… and hear some scintillating stories from behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest concert events of all time! Lifelong touring musician and MTV heartthrob, Johnny Dee is on the tour bus!

The world of professional golf is small and extremely interesting. You see it on television, but learn what it’s like to be a touring PGA pro, from a guy who did it for well over a decade – Jay Delsing steps onto the team bus to discuss his experiences, explain the way professional golf works, and to talk about his transition to the world of broadcasting. Outstanding guest!!!

Another rock star steps aboard the tour bus! Conny Bloom, from the band “The Electric Boys” talks about their rise to fame, and his propensity for marrying funk with rock ‘n roll. A band I really loved in the early 1990s, this is an interview you don’t want to miss! From the great country of Sweden, technology makes this type of episode possible.

From the Fast & The Furious to the soccer mom in a minivan, Rick Mazurkiewicz has seen it and done it all. Listen in as he talks about tricking out cars to make more glitz and more power - and then settle in as he talks about the new world order with regard to passenger vehicles. No more shade-tree mechanics, as computers and engineering have made it cars easier to diagnose, but more difficult to fix. A great glimpse into a career everyone knows, but few know about...

The tour bus is back on the road! Stepping aboard today, is a drummer who got his feet wet as a part of the group "Anthrax", but made himself famous as a part of the mega-hit machine, "White Lion". Gregory D'Angelo talks about making it in music following a humble beginning, his handling of fame, and his current project: The Monsters of Classic Rock. A very different guy than the one you expect, Gregory exceeds all expectations!

Stand-Up Comic, Jason Lawhead steps onto the bus to talk about making it in the world of comedy. He has self-produced his own stand-up special ,and has figured our a wickedly clever way to market, promote, and distribute his show! Listen in and hear about the world of a little guy working his way up to the top of his game, and coming up with innovative ways to create his own income stream!!

From the other end of the Earth, comes a guest whose job is to make the world seem smaller... Australian Diplomat (on hiatus), Jacqueline Ryder, steps aboard the international bus to talk about her job. Everyone know that Diplomats exist, but very few know what one does -- or why we even have them! Jaqui eloquently outlines her role and responsibilities, and really pulls the curtain back on a strangely secret world! Also, we talk about her new podcast, Shooting Breezes, which can be found at 

www dot shootingbreezespodcast dot com

What does it take to make it in the music industry? Many have tried, precious few have succeeded. In between, there are thousands of musicians scratching out a living in a crowded field. Brandon Reid Allen, a diamond in the rough, is one of the folks working and struggling to earn their keep. Hear about the life and journey of a talented entertainer who keeps his head above water -- if only barely at times -- but has a wonderful album that's out, and some high level friends!

Another AWESOME rock star guest!!! Stepping aboard the tour bus -- and fresh off working with George Lynch on the upcoming Lynch Mob album -- is bassist, Robbie Crane! Robbie talks about his experiences with Vince Neil and Stephen Pearcy/RATT, and tells stories of his years behind-the-scenes of the rise and domination of hair metal, and rock music from the 80s through today. An incredibly nice and humble guy, Robbie will turn you into an immediate fan.

Publicist, Ken Phillips, climbs aboard the bus and helps us understand the importance of publicity in the careers of celebrities. He details his climb up the ladder from corporate music, to working on his own -- in order to help such music juggernauts as Joan Jett, Dave Navarro, Pentatonix, Godsmack, and Lindsey Stirling find their way into magazines, onto television shows, and splashing across social media. A fascinating career -- and a guy who has kept his bearings throughout.

Another amazing guest!!! From the Go-Go's, Kathy Valentine steps aboard the tour bus to talk about her recent book, a memoir titled, "All I Ever Wanted", and about her incredible life and career. Some surprises and some revelations, as she discusses some of the painful details and events that affected her life, alongside the successes and triumphs! An amazing interview of an amazing lady. Truly an epic episode!

(*language advisory*) From hair metal to soul & blues, Singer/Songwriter Derek Davis has been around the music industry for over 35 years. His band, Babylon A.D., brought him fame in the late 80s and early 90s, but his passion ever since has landed in the soulful sounds of southern blues. Hear him chronicle his story, and hear some of the tales behind the music. Another fantastic rock star guest on the tour bus!

Climbing aboard the tour bus today is a prolific songwriter and HUGE rock star, John Parr. You know him best from the theme to "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)", but he has done so much more. Get to know him like never before, as he talks about his life, his childhood, and moving from working class kid to international success. One of the most humble guys you'll ever meet, and one of the main influences from my pre-hair band days, the episode will become an instant classic!

Whenever you see a glass or bottle being broken in a movie or on a television show, chances are it came from Ryan Johnson's Prop Manufacturing Facility! Ryan steps aboard the bus (just before we drive it through a plate glass window) and tells all about the world of behind-the-scenes secrets of every movie and television program. Things that fool your eyes are his specialty -- you'll be amazed and impressed during this episode! And if you'd like to purchase Hollywood-quality REAL props -- at reasonable prices -- visit his website NewRuleFX dot com !!!

After a gaggle of rock stars, we have to clean up the tour bus, because a guest of exquisite class and elegance steps onto the grand old bus: Principle Conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (London), Alexander Shelley is here! He holds several positions of prestige, and talks about the world of a renowned orchestral conductor. From his preparation, to his style, to his engagement, to his actual job -- he tells all in a manner that is particularly refined, given his present company (ME!). Listen, and elevate...

Step onto the tour bus AGAIN, as another Rock Star graces us with his presence… Lance Bulen, guitarist and songwriter from the band "Baton Rouge" climbs aboard to talk about the hair metal days, and their unlikely story of getting signed and making music for money. His new band is KingBaby, and is also great! More insider stuff - the music industry is fascinating...

An icon! ALL of you know the song "Pac Man Fever" -- now meet the man behind this song, and so many more. Jerry Buckner steps into the studio within the bus, and gives all the scoop behind the scenes of that ubiquitous song, his long career, and also the music industry in general. A fabulous guest and riveting story-teller, Jerry Buckner is an all-star episode!

The year was 2011... and one of the biggest summer blockbusters of that year was a Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams action flick called "Super 8", One of the central characters of the movie (Charlie) was played by a kid named Riley Griffiths -- and he's here today to talk about his life as a child actor, and the experiences of getting and playing in such a high budget and fantastic movie! Always enlightening, "The Commute" takes you onto the red carpet!

Former Navy SEAL Sniper and now best-selling novelist, Jack Carr steps aboard the bus to talk about his latest book: Savage Son! Extremely interesting guest, and fantastic book -- we take you into the world of a guy who has lived it, and is now creating adventure from it! Learn about his process, his upcoming television series, and the future for himself and his franchise.

A personal show for Dr. Steve -- please welcome onto our team bus, the owner and CEO of our Arena Football team here in Nashville, Bobby Devoursney! Bobby tells all about the struggles of not only taking a team from inception to fruition -- but also the day-to-day activities of an owner who has to manage everything from personnel decisions, to financial decisions. A difficult industry to make work as an investment, his strategy and work ethic will pay off as this team catches FIRE!

A legend in the annals of rock n roll... From Grand Funk Railroad, songwriter, guitarist, and lead singer, Mark Farner steps onto the tour bus! A different flavor of this episode -- Mark delves into his farm, his family, and growing up in Michigan. A wonderful look at the man behind the wizard... tune in and learn about the private side of a music hall-of-famer!

Nuclear Engineer and Solar Power Expert, Mark Durrenberger, steps onto the bus and immediately raises the average IQ by nearly 100 points! He speaks in simple terms about nuclear power, solar power, wind power, and how each is accomplished and managed in a world that is hungry for cleaner forms of sustainable energy. You'll learn stuff you never knew before, as we are always informative on "The Commute"!