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Check back as more books are published through the JRNYman Publishing services. Rock Star and Musician Memoirs are the specialty, as I have written five so far--and more on the way. They will be added as they make their way through the editing process.

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Judge This Book by Its Cover

By: Ron Young

With: Steve Olivas

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Ron Young had what it takes to make a career in music. He had the talent, the songs, and the backing of a major label (Geffen). His band, Little Caesar, smashed their way onto the music scene—but then it all came crashing down.

Ron’s personal rise and fall began at the hands of an abusive mother. Music was his savior, and rays of hope shone through. However, that hope was ultimately destroyed under constant bad timing, bad luck, and people judging him by how he looked. Then came escape into a heroin addiction and the accompanying darkness. Finally, he found sobriety and a musical resurrection.

Join Ron through his personal story of joy, sorrow, and despair…and find out how he made peace with himself along the way. Through it all, Ron invites you to judge him by his actions, not by what you’ve heard. He urges you to take a closer look…and then judge this book by its cover.

Beat the Odds in Business & Life

By: Sandy Gennaro

With: Steve Olivas

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Sandy Gennaro has learned a thing or two during his fifty years on the world stage. The music industry has cultivated in him a keen sense of business management—leading to this collection of strategies, philosophies, and practical solutions to many of the struggles facing companies small and large. Reading this book will prepare everyone (from the CEO right down to front-line employees) to navigate both the obstacles and the victories related to start-up, growth, and sustaining market position. Sandy uses real examples from his storied career with Hall-of-Fame artists to illustrate his lessons. You’ll laugh and learn; he has the heart of a teacher and balances the practical with the didactic, thereby making this a must-read book for anyone involved in today’s corporate climate!

An Industry Worth Fighting For

By: Derrick Josi

With: Steve Olivas

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A storm cuts through the placid Oregon skies. Not a meteorological event—rather, an onslaught aimed at destroying the livelihood of dairy farmers across America. Standing in the bull’s-eye is Derrick Josi, a fourth generation dairy farmer who has taken a stand against the lies, deceit, and personal attacks made by self-proclaimed activists across social media. This book offers readers a glimpse behind the curtain of a working dairy farm. Staying true to his charm and wit, Derrick does not shy away from sensitive topics. Rather, he presents reality in terms that are stark but sensitive…a balance as delicate as the lives for which he is responsible. This isn’t just the story of one dairy farmer; it is the story of an industry worth fighting for.